In Law Suites

Aging in Place/In Law Suites

The construction team at AVID Construction, Inc. in Mentor recognizes the benefits of building with the future in mind. AVID’s goal is to build with design elements that allow for people to “age in place” and remain independent. Know as universal design, this design concept accommodates everyone from young to old, tall or short, able bodied or challenged by disabilities. A universal designed home has several features that set the home apart in terms of design, but not aesthetics from a traditional home.

Features such as level entryways (no ramps), wider doorways, larger and bigger bathrooms, slip-resistant flooring, stacked closets (for future elevator installations) and lever door handles and rocker style switches are all features of universal design. Universal design adds safety, resale value and increase the possibility of aging in place.

In the Greater Cleveland area, AVID Construction, Inc. is on the cutting edge of the construction and remodeling industry with its ability to provide universal design, home modifications, in-law suites, and ADA renovations. AVID works closely with you to create a customized plan to meet your objectives. AVID chooses a diverse team of professional craftsmen to meet your standards and budget.


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